About us

In the era of monopolies behaving like monarchs, we intend to create democratic setup. Democracy shall trump or should we say disrupt Monarchy.

The team consists of experienced world-class European R&D scientists, PhD graduates, and serial entrepreneurs with rich experience working at Google, Apple, Yahoo, Walmart, Priceline. The target market size is 100 Billion dollar with double digit annual growth potential.

JoopiterX strongly believes in decentralization which is the spirit of blockchain. It is attempting to apply the principles of decentralization to the internet marketplace model. What does it mean to be decentralized in a marketplace? It means buyer gets direct access to the sellers with the marketplace operator playing the limited role of “matchmaker”. Marketplace which doesn’t dictate price, inventory, position of sellers in search result etc. Today we have marketplaces which are opaque and designed to create temporary monopoly. By discouraging or disabling direct communication between buyers and sellers, both the parties are overly dependent on the ethical practices of the marketplace. JoopiterX is here to overthrow the opaque model of conducting business.

JoopiterX is here for:

  • Businesses Liberation because every business is given fair chance to participate and compete in each and every customer purchase/search
  • Customer Empowerment to bargain directly with the businesses and feel pampered to let businesses fight for delighting customer.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a fair marketplace which gives equal opportunities for every participant.

What does the fair marketplace mean? Is it a pipe dream? Absolutely NOT 

So what does this fair marketplace mean for hotel?

  • Disruptive flat fee subscription modelin this marketplace means no exploitative high fees charged by traditional marketplaces.
  • Transparent access to market dynamics sensors means making informed decision is possible.
  • Real time information access to competition & customer behavior with automatic dynamic pricing capability.
  • Private pricing model means no brand dilution. Today marketplace enhance their brands at the expense of hotel’s brand.
  • Negotiable pricing means no loss of customers because of fixed model of current marketplaces.

So what does this fair marketplace mean for customer?

  • Direct quotes from hotels means no opaqueness.
  • No confusion caused by middlemen.
  • Best offers received directly from hotels means no time-consuming frustrating comparative shopping.
  • Every offer is sensitive to customer’s budget and is negotiable.
  • Everything is instant and not at mercy of travel agencies or setting pricing alerts.

Problem being Solved

Hotel Problems

  • Avoid ignorance about customers:Traditional competitors don’t allow hotels to interact with customers directly. Direct sales on JoopiterX means access to customer purchase behavior and continuous learning.
  • Avoid Brand Dilution: While marketplaces benefit from publicizing the discounts on partner hotel offerings but it comes at the cost of brand dilution of hotel partners. Private pricing which is valid for this user session driven by competitive market forces avoids it completely.
  • Avoid Guess Work based Pricing: Hotels set right price to avoid over/under-price your rooms based on what the competitors are doing currently in this user’s search/purchase session.
  • Avoid Exploitation/Extortion: Marketplaces extract high commission per transaction (15-50%) from hotels. Flat fee subscription is going to disrupt these arm-twisting practices.
  • Avoid losing customers on the edge:real-time auto-bargain to sell more by bargaining with customers on the edge.

Customer Problems

  • Avoid inability to explore best price from a hotel: Customers love discounts and merchants love to help customers on the edge make up their mind. Wouldn’t it be nice to know from the hotel itself instead of a centralized marketplace?
  • Avoid hopping and shopping: Customers currently browse through multiple websites and apps before arriving at a decision especially regarding the prices. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a one-click app which does all that for you by eliciting automatic response from hotels directly?
  • Avoid the marketplace façade: Customer never knows the hotel prices as the listed prices are managed by marketplace. Wouldn’t direct sales help bringing in transparency?
  • Avoid being at mercy of marketplace for discounts: Direct sales from hotel and live competition per customer session means competitive market forces driven savings. Wouldn’t it be nice to dismantle the monopoly structure of marketplace and instead democratize the marketplace?
  • Avoid wasting time: Wouldn’t it be nice if all of the above is done instantly?

Why JoopiterX?

The Team


  • Chief System Architect: 25+ years of distributed system engineering experience with multiple stints as CTO in Europe
  • AI lead: PhD, Over 10 years into commercial AI development. Backend Lead: 25+ years of cutting-edge software development experience in Europe.
  • BACKEND TEAM: 6 TEAM MEMBERS IN EUROPE with 15 years of high-tech software development experience each in technologies ranging from ERLANG, Scala, NodeJS to distributed databases required for building highly scalable, fault tolerant, telco-grade systems.

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